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Common Website Mistakes: Part 5

Tina Hutzelman
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The final piece in our Common Website Mistakes series covers not having clear calls to action and not claiming your free Google My Business listing.


Not Having Clear Calls to Action

It happens all the time, websites are built with “informative” content but fail to prompt the reader to take the next action.

Calls to Action can be buttons to access free downloads or special coupon codes, links so visitors can share your page, a sign up form, and links encouraging visitors to “read more.” The possibilities are endless and should be tailored to your selling process and offerings.

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t leave visitors wondering what action to take next, make calls to action work for you.



Not Claiming You Free Google My Business Listing

Google offers a free resource that every business should take advantage of: claiming their Google My Business listing. Google auto generates listings about businesses. Sometimes the information is not correct.

“Claiming” your Google My Business listing means you prove ownership of your company using a process described in Google support documents and you can then control the information listed about your company.

BOTTOM LINE: If your Google My Business listing has incorrect information, you can lose out on calls and customers.

For more information about Google My Business listings, read our blog article here.



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