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Common Website Mistakes: Part 3

Tina Hutzelman
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Unfortunately, many business owners don't use their websites to proudly display their credentials and they don't have an on-going maintenance plan.


Not Displaying Credentials

Believe it or not, many websites don’t boast enough. Rather than demonstrating why a company is qualified to be considered as vendor of choice, the website ends up being a laundry list of services and product features.

While you should never boast of something you don’t do, you should always include any applicable industry-specific credentials or associations.

BOTTOM LINE: Being credentialed in an area that your competitors are not may be the difference between being awarded business or not.



Not Performing Regular Maintenance

All websites need regular maintenance; but sites built with a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, require additional maintenance to keep them running properly. 

Regular website maintenance:

>> boosts security

>> keeps you compatible with latest technology

>> improves user experience

BOTTOM LINE: Too often, unless a frustrated user calls and complains, many business owners never realize there is an issue with their website.



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Tina Hutzelman is a marketing professional who helps companies discover their true value - that unique "something" that sets them apart from their competition. For over 20 years, Tina has helped companies tell their stories in a way that is relevant to their customers. One of her favorite questions is "what are you really selling?" She's found that many executives think they are selling the best widget around, when actually they are selling efficiency, shorter time to market, or greater potential for profit. When she's not at work, Tina enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

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