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What You Need to Know About WordPress

Tim Summers
Website Design

WordPress began as a humble website blogging tool but evolved into one of the most popular website development platforms and Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market.

The ability to create a website with little to no programming knowledge quickly made WordPress popular. This was especially true among amateur website enthusiasts and marketing agencies with little to no website development experience.

Beware of Fraudulent Geek Squad Invoices

Tim Summers
Other Information

Today we want to alert you of a scam going around. People are receiving fake invoices claiming to be from Best Buy's Geek Squad.

Beware of Suspicious or Fraudulent Domain Name Related Invoices

Tim Summers
Domain names

Have you ever received a bill for your domain name and wondered if it was real?

It only takes one wrong click to infect your entire office network!

Tim Summers
Other Information

Educate your staff how to recognize a phishing attempt (ie. fake email or fake website).

It’s one of the best and cheapest methods to defend your office from hacking and virus infection.

Beware Fake DocuSign Emails

Tim Summers
Other Information

DocuSign has become one of the most popular electronic document signing tools today. DocuSign uses both email notifications and browser-based approvals. Unfortunately, their popularity also makes it a favorite of hackers and spammers who like to send out fake emails pretending to be DocuSign documents.


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