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SCAM Melecia The Qualified Photographer

Tim Summers
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Diversified customers report receiving emails or form submissions through their website from people claiming to be photographers. These emails claim that photos used on the customer's website are stolen. The intent of the sender is to convince the recipient of the email to click on hyperlinks within the email thereby opening themselves up to virus infection.

DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS. They are most likely infected with a virus.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPLY TO THE SENDER. Doing so may place your email address on a number of spam lists.

ASK YOUR I.T. PERSON to review the incoming email to see if it is valid.

Most reputable photographers and graphic artists would mail a letter if they felt that they had a legitimate concern over the photos used on a website.

SAMPLE OF THE MELECIA SCAM (image- Not clickable)

Melecia scam example

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Tim Summers is a long-time nerd and the owner of Diversified Computer Solutions, Inc. Tim has built a reputation within the Dayton, Ohio area as an honest and reliable computer consultant who blends sound business principles with quality technical advice and service. Tim spends most of his waking hours in front of a computer and some of his sleeping hours as well. Currently, Tim splits his time between providing I.T. support services, building websites, and trying to train a high energy Dachshund mix named Gizmo.

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